National Advisory Committee

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The MFP is governed by a National Advisory Committee dedicated to advising MFP staff; developing partnerships with professional, academic, and clinical institutions; and soliciting support by individuals and groups for the initiative. The Committee's efforts strengthen the MFP by building sustainable infrastructure and long term partnerships while expanding our presence into more communities across the nation.

Responsibilities of the National Advisory Committee


  • Work with MFP Program staff to develop innovative strategies to recruit applicants for the MFP Fellowship 
  • Participate in MFP promotional activities


  • Develop and implement the call for MFP Fellow Applications
  • Review and score Fellows' applications
  • Select MFP Fellows

Academic and Professional Development

  • Provide professional development for Fellows that is aligned with the biologic-environment interaction model, cultural competence, and the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards. 
  • Monitor Fellows' progress toward attaining their doctoral degrees.
  • Recommend interdisciplinary program content for annual training Institute offerings and webinars
  • Review Fellows' requests for an education enhancement or for an additional learning experience


  • Facilitate mentoring relationships between the MFP Fellows, Committee Members, and others.
  • Advocate for the MFP with educational, nursing, political, civic, and business communities, as requested by ANA.
  • Foster collaboration between ANA, Fellows, Alumni, SAMHSA, and ANA MFP Program staff

Reappointment of Continuing Fellows

  • Review Fellows' progress reports, transcripts, and dissertation proposals to make recommendations regarding Fellows' tenure in the program

Current Members of the National Advisory Committee